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Reliable Tech Team offers reliable, same-day Thor Kitchen repair services throughout Northern LA and surrounding areas
Licensed Repair Service Provider for Thor Kitchen Appliances

Do you need an Thor Kitchen appliance repair service to fix your dryer or freezer? Or perhaps reliable maintenance to ensure your Thor Kitchen appliances continue working like new?
Reliable Tech Team has the proficient Thor Kitchen appliance repair specialists you need. We’ll get your kitchen and laundry appliances up and running, and also perform regular service and maintenance using Thor Kitchen parts to keep them functioning properly.

Our well-trained technicians are ready to service your appliances at a time that suits you best. With over 10 years of experience, we repair everything from the newest to the oldest styles and models.

Trusted Thor Kitchen Service

We service and repair all Thor Kitchen appliances, including:

Why Choose Reliable Tech Team


We schedule up to 4 hours for a visit which includes diagnostics, part delivery from a warehouse and repair
*if part is available in our stock


Our team is fully insured and licensed


Diagnostics are FREE if you repair with us


90-day warranty for labor plus the manufacturer’s warranty for parts

Your Reliable Local Thor Kitchen Appliance Technicians

If you reside in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or any other part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, we are here to serve you. Reach out to our professionals at Reliable Tech Team; they are ready to help should you notice that your fridge is leaking or not cooling, your dishwasher is not draining correctly, or your oven has stopped heating. We assure you, we can fix it.

Almost two decades in the industry have allowed us to amass substantial experience in installing and repairing Thor Kitchen appliances while adhering to our fundamental principles. Understanding the necessity for same-day technician appointments like no other, we are prepared to deliver exceptional service promptly.

You can rely on us for high-quality work, delivered on schedule and at competitive prices. We value your trust and commit to fulfilling our obligations to you. Plus, we offer warranties on all our repair services and replaced parts.

Thor Kitchen Refrigeration Repair

Thor Kitchen’s cooling system lineup includes various types and models of refrigerators, wine coolers (TWC2403DI), beverage centers (TBC2401DI), icemakers (TIM1501), and under-counter refrigerators (TRF24U). Thor Kitchen refrigerators vary in size and design, featuring French doors (HRF3601F), side-by-side models, generous storage space, adjustable shelving, humidity-controlled crispers, and typically include extras like ice makers and water dispensers.

Our Thor Kitchen technicians, trained and fully equipped, stand ready to assist with your refrigerator, wine cooler, or other refrigeration appliances if you experience the following problems or notice unusual noises:

  • The door isn’t sealing properly
  • Ice maker clogs, jams, or leaks
  • The drain hose is not draining
  • The freezer doesn’t freeze
  • Food spoils too quickly
  • Unusual noise from the refrigerator
  • Refrigerator temperature instability

Our licensed and insured Thor Kitchen technicians are equipped to diagnose and resolve any issues with your refrigeration system. You’ll be pleased with our high-quality work and receive a warranty on the provided services and replaced parts. We’ll have your fridge or icemaker back in working order in no time.

Thor Kitchen Cooktop, Stove, Oven & Range Repair

Thor Kitchen offers a wide array of cooking appliances, including ranges, cooktops and range tops, and ovens. Ranges and cooktops can be either electric or fueled by natural gas/propane, featuring multiple burners and high-BTU burners for fast and efficient cooking. Additionally, some models come with griddles and double ovens for enhanced versatility. The most common models are electric HRE3601s of various sizes and gas ranges LRG3601U / LRG3601ULP (or with dual oven – LRG4807U / LRG4807ULP). All are professional, functional, and equipped with features like convection fans, cast-iron grates, even-heat boilers, and more.

The range tops and cooktops are notable for their sleek design, sturdy construction, and versatility. They can be either gas or electric appliances, with multiple burners for both types (TEC36, TGC3601, HRT3618U / HRT3618ULP). Despite their robustness, they require consistent care and regular maintenance. In the event of issues such as:

  • Self-cleaning won’t clean
  • Food bakes unevenly
  • The oven broiler isn’t working
  • The oven or range makes strange noises
  • The cooktop element doesn’t heat
  • Cooktop isn’t responding to adjustments
  • Oven door doesn’t close properly

Our friendly Thor Kitchen appliance customer service representatives are available online or via phone for your Thor Kitchen oven and range repair needs. Contact us to schedule the most convenient time for a visit to diagnose the problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

Thor Kitchen Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers, as essential as any other kitchen appliance, ease our daily routines. When it malfunctions, it can be a significant inconvenience, and you’d likely want to get it running again as soon as possible. If your Thor Kitchen dishwasher is experiencing any of the following problems, or others:

  • Dishwasher leaks
  • Dishes won’t dry
  • Makes unusual noises
  • Doesn’t clean properly
  • Not draining
  • Doesn’t fill with water
  • Dishwasher doesn’t start

Don’t waste precious time; get in touch with us right away, and our dishwasher specialists will be more than happy to assist you on the same day. Trust our highly skilled professionals to repair your Thor Kitchen dishwasher!

Thor Kitchen Microwave Repair

Thor Kitchen manufactures two types of microwaves: over-the-range (TOR30L) with autocook menus and preheat function, and microwave drawers (TMD2401, suitable for any kitchen as well as for an island) with 12 unique easy-to-cook and keep-warm functions. Customers are generally satisfied with both types.

If your Thor Kitchen microwave isn’t performing as it should, has stopped heating, or if you notice error messages on the display, don’t worry, the Reliable Tech Team can troubleshoot any microwave issues you might face, including:

  • The microwave is not working at all
  • Turns on but doesn’t heat
  • The display is not working
  • Strange noises or sparking
  • The turntable is not rotating
  • The door latch is broken

Should you notice any issues, even minor ones, with your appliance, reach out to our technicians to identify the problem and receive Thor Kitchen microwave repair services immediately.

Thor Kitchen Ventilation Appliance Repair

Thor Kitchen’s ventilation system range includes several types of range hoods of different sizes from 30” to 48”, with functional features like 3- or 4-speed fans. There are two options for venting: out or recirculating with a carbon filter. The hoods can be either wall-mounted or under-cabinet units. Our team can tackle any problems with your professional Thor Kitchen range hoods, such as:

  • The fan is not working
  • The filter is clogged
  • Lights stopped working
  • The exhaust fan is noisy
  • Exhaust fan isn’t drawing out smoke
  • Control buttons are not responsive

Feel free to contact our professional repair team to address your Thor Kitchen hood problem immediately. You can submit an online request or call us. We are available seven days a week and ready to assist you anytime.

Thor Kitchen Outdoor Appliance Repair

Thor Kitchen features a vast variety of outdoor equipment. These can be a full 6-piece kitchen unit or a freestanding unit. All have a sleek, authentic design with large surface areas, offer flexibility in organizing units in any configuration, and are multi-functional, practical, and easy to use and clean. You’ll enjoy any appliance tailored to your preferences.

Thor Kitchen Outdoor Equipment:

  • Outdoor kitchen refrigerator cabinet (MK02SS304, where an under-counter refrigerator or dual zone wine cooler can be installed)
  • Outdoor BBQ grill cabinet (MK04SS304 – 32 Inch 4-Burner Gas BBQ Grill with Rotisserie in Stainless Steel, 10,000 BTU rear infrared rotisserie, can use natural gas or propane)
  • Outdoor kitchen corner cabinet (MK06SS304)
  • Pizza oven and cabinet (MK07SS304 with a classic ceramic pizza stone and flue damper to control heat flow, equipped with a pizza cutter, pizza peel, pizza/pie server, and brush)
  • Outdoor kitchen sink cabinet (MK01SS304)

Regardless of the model and type of your outdoor appliance, our team can diagnose the problem and handle the repair efficiently. We can install, clean, or maintain your BBQ grill or gas range top, replace a valve or burner, fix or replace a spark ignition, or offer any other necessary services related to outdoor kitchen appliances. We have access to genuine Thor Kitchen parts for replacements and provide warranties on each service.

If you are a proud owner of any Thor Kitchen appliance, whether it be a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, cooktop, microwave, ventilation unit, or outdoor device, and you are encountering any issues, feel free to contact us anytime. Our professional Thor Kitchen appliance repair technicians are available 24/7, assuring you of high-quality, quick repairs. Enjoy your Thor Kitchen appliances to the fullest!

Looking forward to serving you soon, The Reliable Tech Team

Reliable Service & Repair

Reliable Tech Team is a top supplier of cost-effective appliance repair solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we can deliver dependable white goods repair services. Regardless of the issue, our expert technicians can handle it.Get in touch with us for dependable appliance repair service from Reliable Tech Team online today.

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Shay R.
Shay R.
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Our dryer broke and the Reliable Tech Team was able to schedule an appointment the next day. I decided to go with them because of the great reviews and the fact they did not charge $60-$75 just for a diagnostic. They arrived on time and gave me a quote of $270 for cleaning the dryer and replacing the thermostat. It seemed high to me at first, but after some googling, I think it was a reasonable price. After spending more than 2 hours, they told me that they needed to replace a different part and would be able to get it in 3-5 business days. They did not charge me at all for the visit. That night, they texted me that they found the part and could come back the following morning to replace it for $390. I agreed, and they again showed up on time. They spent ANOTHER 2 hours and could not repair the machine, and AGAIN charged me nothing. I am so grateful that they tried their hardest to do the repairs, put in a ton of time, and wouldn't take any money for it. Although they could not fix it this time, it was clearly a larger issue with the machine, and we will definitely be reaching out to them first if we ever need anything in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dishwasher with a burning or burnt rubber and plastic odor could indicate a serious problem that may become hazardous. Our team of skilled technicians can efficiently and safely evaluate the issue and perform the necessary repairs. Call us today or order repair online.

Our team is ready to receive your call or information submitted on our request page. We provide same-day service and can order necessary replacement parts for you. 

Additionally, we offer a guarantee on all our appliance work, ensuring your peace of mind when dealing with a fridge that isn't cooling.

As multiple factors can cause a microwave not to turn on, it's best to schedule an appointment with our technician. Equipped with a multimeter and all essential tools, they'll inspect and test your microwave's electrical wiring, harnesses, and plugs. Our technicians can perform these tasks efficiently and bring suitable replacement parts for any necessary repairs.

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