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Reliable Tech Team offers reliable, same-day Cyclone repair services throughout Northern LA and surrounding areas
Licensed Repair Service Provider for Cyclone Appliances

Do you require a Cyclone appliance repair service to fix your range hood? Or perhaps reliable maintenance to ensure your Cyclone appliances continue working like new?
Reliable Tech Team has the proficient Cyclone appliance repair specialists you need. We’ll get your appliances up and running, and also perform regular service and maintenance using Cyclone parts to keep them functioning properly.

Our well-trained technicians are ready to service your appliances at a time that suits you best. With over 10 years of experience, we repair everything from the newest to the oldest styles and models.

Trusted Cyclone Service

We service and repair all Cyclone appliances, including:

Why Choose Reliable Tech Team


We schedule up to 4 hours for a visit which includes diagnostics, part delivery from a warehouse and repair
*if part is available in our stock


Our team is fully insured and licensed


Diagnostics are FREE if you repair with us


90-day warranty for labor plus the manufacturer’s warranty for parts

Employing robust, non-stick coated fans, Cyclone range hoods efficiently eliminate grease, odors, and vapors, ensuring your kitchen and home remain free of unpleasant smells. However, even the best appliances can experience wear and tear due to daily use. For reliable service in California, consider Reliable Tech Team for your Cyclone Range Hood appliance repairs.

Cyclone Wall Mount Range Hood Repair

Cyclone wall-mount range hoods are potent, high-efficiency devices that remove grease and fumes, so you’ll know if they’re not performing optimally. Regardless of the model, be it 300 CFM, 500 CFM, 550 CFM, or 650 CFM, residential or professional, European or classic glass arch or simple design, reach out to Reliable Tech Team, your leading service experts, for all Cyclone range hoods. We’ll handle all your appliance issues, including:

  • Malfunctioning time delay-OFF feature.
  • LED lights that flicker or don’t work.
  • Sticky or non-functional push-button digital controls.
  • Stuck mesh or baffle filter screens.
  • Noisy 3-speed fans.

Cyclone Island Range Hood Repair

The Cyclone Island range hood models combine modern and traditional design elements. They utilize an ultra-quiet yet highly efficient fan motor to remove, filter, and collect smoke and grease without staining ceilings, light fixtures, or exhaust ductwork.

The SI323 and SI520 effectively remove undesired cooking smells with their impressive 300 CFM or 500 CFM capacity. If your island range hood isn’t functioning as expected, get in touch with Cyclone’s service specialists at Reliable Tech Team. Our expert team will address all your appliance issues, including:

  • Noisy motor.
  • Fan blades that make a ticking sound at slow speeds.
  • LED lights that dim when fan speed is increased.
  • Filters seemingly fused in place.
  • Non-responsive controls.

Cyclone Undermount Range Hood Repair

Cyclone undermount range hoods, though powerful, operate quietly, effectively removing smoke, airborne grease, and fumes from your kitchen and home. If your Cyclone is making disturbing noises or leaving your kitchen smelling unpleasant, reach out to Reliable Tech Team, your local Cyclone Range Hoods appliance repair service.

Our technicians can handle issues with your 300 CFM, 680 CFM, or 880CFC undermount hood, including:

  • Sticking rocker switch.
  • Non-responsive push-button controls.
  • Halogen or LED lights that stop working after replacement or whose intensity settings fail.
  • Grease cups that are stuck or leaking.
  • Fan that makes clicking noises or squeals.
  • Non-functional adjustable fan speeds.
  • Errors displayed on the digital touch control panel.

Cyclone Insert Range Hood Repair

Cyclone insert range hoods may be unseen, but if they’re noisy when in operation, contact Reliable Tech Team. Our trusted Cyclone repair service will ensure your 250 CFM, 300 CFM, 550 CFM, or 600 CFM range hood is working quietly and efficiently. Contact us for all your Cyclone appliance issues, including:

  • Fan operates at only one speed, not three.
  • Slide or push-button control failure.
  • Halogen or LED lights that are dim

Reliable Service & Repair

Reliable Tech Team is a top supplier of cost-effective appliance repair solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we can deliver dependable white goods repair services. Regardless of the issue, our expert technicians can handle it.Get in touch with us for dependable appliance repair service from Reliable Tech Team online today.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Discover how Reliable Tech Team maintains a 5-star service record in Arleta area
Shay R.
Shay R.
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Our dryer broke and the Reliable Tech Team was able to schedule an appointment the next day. I decided to go with them because of the great reviews and the fact they did not charge $60-$75 just for a diagnostic. They arrived on time and gave me a quote of $270 for cleaning the dryer and replacing the thermostat. It seemed high to me at first, but after some googling, I think it was a reasonable price. After spending more than 2 hours, they told me that they needed to replace a different part and would be able to get it in 3-5 business days. They did not charge me at all for the visit. That night, they texted me that they found the part and could come back the following morning to replace it for $390. I agreed, and they again showed up on time. They spent ANOTHER 2 hours and could not repair the machine, and AGAIN charged me nothing. I am so grateful that they tried their hardest to do the repairs, put in a ton of time, and wouldn't take any money for it. Although they could not fix it this time, it was clearly a larger issue with the machine, and we will definitely be reaching out to them first if we ever need anything in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be multiple reasons behind a range hood failing to turn on, which necessitates an expert inspection. We recommend scheduling a visit from our technician who will come equipped with a multimeter to test the electrical wiring and outlets of your range hood. Our technicians carry out this task efficiently and also bring along replacement parts to facilitate immediate repairs.

To ensure your Cyclone Range Hood is repaired using the appropriate parts, you can rely on our team. We make every effort to swiftly diagnose the issue and order the necessary parts for the repair. For same-day service, you can contact us or schedule an appointment via our online request page. Our technicians are skilled at identifying the problems and the parts required to repair your range hood within the same day.

Absolutely. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians has handled a wide range of appliance brands and models. To learn more about the services we offer for older model appliances, you can reach us via our online request page or give us a call.

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