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Reliable Tech Team offers reliable, same-day Asko repair services throughout Northern LA and surrounding areas
Licensed Repair Service Provider for Asko Appliances

Are you in search of Asko appliance repair assistance for your freezer or dryer? Maybe you’re looking for dependable upkeep to maintain the optimal performance of your Asko appliances.

Count on the skilled Asko appliance repair experts at Reliable Tech Team. We’ll restore functionality to your kitchen and laundry appliances and provide routine maintenance using genuine Asko parts to ensure their continued efficiency.

Our highly-trained technicians are available to service your appliances at your convenience. With a decade of experience, we handle repairs for a wide range of styles and models, from the latest to the older ones.

Trusted Asko Service

We service and repair all Asko appliances, including:

Why Choose Reliable Tech Team


We schedule up to 4 hours for a visit which includes diagnostics, part delivery from a warehouse and repair
*if part is available in our stock


Our team is fully insured and licensed


Diagnostics are FREE if you repair with us


90-day warranty for labor plus the manufacturer’s warranty for parts

Same-Day Appliance Repair Services

Reliable Tech Team is at your service seven days a week, including weekends. We have specialized technicians in different districts across Northern Los Angeles to cater to your repair needs.

Our primary offering is same-day appliance repair, especially if you reach out to us before noon. You can contact us through phone, text, or our online request form. Our customer support will arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.

Reliable Asko Appliance Experts

Asko appliances are known for their unique Scandinavian design, quality, and functionality. Even the most discerning customers find satisfaction with Asko’s PRO series in kitchen and laundry appliances.

Common Asko appliances in homes around Los Angeles are washing machines and dishwashers. Considering their quality, we employ professionals to handle repairs and installations.

Asko Dishwasher Repair

Asko dishwashers excel in cleaning technology and durability. They come with multiple features like Super Cleaning System (SCS+), larger loading capacity, quieter operation, and various other innovations. However, even the best appliances can have issues. If you encounter problems, don’t attempt DIY repairs. Let Reliable Tech Team’s qualified technicians resolve them for you.

Common issues include:

  1. Ineffective cleaning.
  2. Extended cycle time.
  3. Clogged or weak filter.
  4. Water drainage issues.
  5. Leakage.
  6. Bad odors.
  7. Lack of heating.

Reach out for same-day local repairs to get your dishwasher up and running. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we’ll solve your issue.

Asko Washing Machine Repair

Asko washing machines are popular for their design and functionality, making laundry care simple and effective. Features like Aqua Safe™ System, Active Drum™, and various washing modes add to their versatility. However, issues can still arise.

Common problems include:

  1. Washer not draining.
  2. Leakage issues.
  3. Overfilling.
  4. Door malfunctions.
  5. Noisy operation.

Asko Dryer Repair

Experiencing noisy operation or less-than-dry clothes with your Asko dryer? Our Reliable Tech Team knows how disruptive a faulty dryer can be. Our experts are trained according to the latest Technical Standards to address your Asko gas dryer repair needs.

Reach out to our responsive customer support for help with these dryer problems:

  1. 1. Dryer doesn’t start.
  2. 2. Clothes remain damp after the cycle.
  3. 3. Dryer operates but lacks heat.
  4. 4. Starts but fails to rotate.
  5. 5. Produces unusual sounds or excessive vibration.
  6. 6. Emits burnt odors.
  7. 7. Trips circuit breakers or fuses.

Our skilled technicians respond quickly to make sure your laundry routine isn’t disrupted.

Asko Stove and Oven Fixes

Dealing with an Asko oven that doesn’t heat or a stove that barely simmers? Fixing these appliances can save you the cost of dining out or buying new.

Asko kitchen appliances are durable, but regular use can cause parts to deteriorate. If you encounter issues, contact Reliable Tech Team. Our technicians will swiftly handle your stove or oven repairs.

Contact us for these common stove or oven issues:

  1. Non-functioning display.
  2. Oven door fails to seal properly.
  3. Unresponsive knobs or dials.
  4. Oven light is out.
  5. Strange noises from the stove or oven.
  6. Non-operational broiler.
  7. Oven not heating.
  8. Uneven cooking.
  9. Stove elements fail to ignite or produce sparks.
  10. Consistent circuit breaker or fuse trips.

Asko Range Hood Repair

Asko’s range hoods are built with quality, eco-friendly materials and designed for user convenience. If you face issues with your range hood, choose a service provider known for solving ventilation system problems.

Services include:

  • Maintenance and filter changes;
  • Repairs for all range hood types;
  • Installation consultation.

Cooktop Repairs

If your Asko gas, electric, radiant, or induction cooktop falls short of your expectations, contact Reliable Tech Team. Our troubleshooting experts are available daily to get your cooktop back to optimal performance. Common issues include:

  1. Inoperative cooktop.
  2. Faulty element indicators or touchpad.
  3. Certain controls are unresponsive.
  4. Non-functioning elements.
  5. Ignitor issues.

To schedule a service appointment, reach out to our customer service via call, text, or email.

Your Trusted Asko Repair Service

When your appliance acts up, don’t despair. Turn to Reliable Tech Team for swift and professional help. We operate seven days a week, holidays included, in Northern LA and surrounding regions. Our services come with a warranty on parts and labor. For immediate assistance, just give us a call.

Reliable Service & Repair

Reliable Tech Team is a top supplier of cost-effective appliance repair solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we can deliver dependable white goods repair services. Regardless of the issue, our expert technicians can handle it.Get in touch with us for dependable appliance repair service from Reliable Tech Team online today.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Find out how Reliable Tech Team maintains a 5-star service record in the California area
Shay R.
Shay R.
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Our dryer broke and the Reliable Tech Team was able to schedule an appointment the next day. I decided to go with them because of the great reviews and the fact they did not charge $60-$75 just for a diagnostic. They arrived on time and gave me a quote of $270 for cleaning the dryer and replacing the thermostat. It seemed high to me at first, but after some googling, I think it was a reasonable price. After spending more than 2 hours, they told me that they needed to replace a different part and would be able to get it in 3-5 business days. They did not charge me at all for the visit. That night, they texted me that they found the part and could come back the following morning to replace it for $390. I agreed, and they again showed up on time. They spent ANOTHER 2 hours and could not repair the machine, and AGAIN charged me nothing. I am so grateful that they tried their hardest to do the repairs, put in a ton of time, and wouldn't take any money for it. Although they could not fix it this time, it was clearly a larger issue with the machine, and we will definitely be reaching out to them first if we ever need anything in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has experience diagnosing and repairing almost all washer brands, and if we can't repair your old one, we'll offer you a discount on a new appliance from our store through our established rebate program. Call us today or provide your appliance details on our request page, so our experts can troubleshoot and order the necessary parts.

A dishwasher with a burning or burnt rubber and plastic odor could indicate a serious problem that may become hazardous. Our team of skilled technicians can efficiently and safely evaluate the issue and perform the necessary repairs. Call us today or order repair online.

Our team is ready to receive your call or information submitted on our request page. We provide same-day service and can order necessary replacement parts for you. 

Additionally, we offer a guarantee on all our appliance work, ensuring your peace of mind when dealing with a fridge that isn't cooling.

As multiple factors can cause an oven not to turn on, it's best to schedule an appointment with our technician. Equipped with a multimeter and all essential tools, they'll inspect and test your microwave's electrical wiring, harnesses, and plugs. Our technicians can perform these tasks efficiently and bring suitable replacement parts for any necessary repairs.

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